location: Berlin
client: DCMN GmbH
program: Office
size: 620 m2
status: Completed
team: Jan Wind, Daniel Vedder, Nicola Gurrieri, Clara Maria Peter

photo credits: Erman Aksoy

Following a rapid business growth, tech company DCMN has expanded their office spaces in Berlin-Friedrichshain. A third floor was acquired and renovated in addition to the ones already in use in a former 19th century factory building. Reflecting the clients’ philosophy, the project aimed to achieve a high degree of flexibility and reduce hierarchies of modes of working. By eliminating all existing partitions, a range of new spatial situations and atmospheres were created. The main room was conceived as a bright, open workspace with flexible workstations and enclosed conference rooms in each corner. At the centre of the floor plan, a new structure functions in both separating and connecting the working space and a multifunctional event location. A boxy metal structure, called the Toolbox, is punctuated on one side by an array of colorful niches that offer places for workers to meet and relax in a playful environment with comfortable upholstery, which provide a sense of domesticity in contrast to the clean lines of the aluminium cladding. On the other side, the Toolbox opens to a spacious, flexible storage facility. A multifunctional hall, called the Agora, becomes a space capable of hosting a wide range of events: panel discussions, celebrations, workshops, sports activities, and other gatherings. A fully equipped staff kitchen stretches over the width of the room, wrapping one end of it in an aluminium-cladded façade. Depending on different needs, the structure can be completely closed or converted into an open bar and serving area just a few simple steps.

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