location: Hamburg
client: Eterno Health GmbH
collaborators: UNDKRAUSS Consult GmbH, Archimeda GmbH, R2 Ingenieure GmbH, Müller-BBM, brand+
program: Multidisciplinary medical facility, café, retail, event, sport
size: 1400 m²
status: Completed
team: Jan Wind, Daniel Vedder, Nicola Gurrieri, Daria Frusinoiu, Felix Schöllhorn
photo credits: Maike Piorr

ETERNO is a contemporary and multidisciplinary place for well-being, where doctors and therapists share space and resources. At the core of the concept is the encounter between therapist and patient – before, during and after treatment. A holistic environment is essential. The aim of ETERNO is to create an atmosphere of relaxation and exchange for practitioners and visitors. This promotes transfer of knowledge, reduces thresholds, and increases attractiveness. In addition to the usual spaces of medical facilities (such as psychotherapy, physiotherapy, general medicine, gynaecologist, ENT, surgery room, lab), special areas are entirely dedicated to retail, a café/event space, a yoga studio, and a gym. Natural materials and colour palettes as well as plants and design objects make the interior of the former Kaufmannshaus into a challenging, all-encompassing place of discovery and healing.

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