location: Berlin
client: AE-Visions Projektentwicklung GmbH
collaborators: AE-Visions Projektentwicklung GmbH
program: Mixed Use
size: 81.000 m2
status: Concept Study
team: Daniel Vedder, Jan Wind

Flipped-Desk TYPE

The dwindling availability of building plots in central locations raises the question of new possibilities for building density. The “Flipped-Desk” – a tall building with a publicly used base and several towers – questions established rules of building density. The modern pedestal-tower typology formulates a possibility in the search for an appropriate utilization of land.

Berlin The urban repair approach of perimeter block development propagated for decades with its orientation to the “European department store city” is far from being able to answer the quantitative and programmatic challenges of current building tasks.

From the point of view of the preservation of identity-forming open spaces and the creation of urgently needed living and working space, redensification in height could contribute to the relief of urban development, especially in Berlin. The site is a commercial building area according to the FNP. The site is currently developed with an ensemble of buildings flanking a large warehouse.

Above all, the use as a logistics location is programmatically dominant. A central, infrastructurally well connected situation makes the location an important distribution point for the tenant. The adjacent neighborhood is heterogeneous. A subdivision into 4 essential areas is helpful in evaluating the potential of the property. It is located in the immediate vicinity of a large recreational area characterized by allotment gardens.Sports facilities such as a public swimming pool and soccer fields are also directly adjacent to the property. The city highway runs to the northeast of the property.

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