location: Rottendorf, Bavaria (Germany)
client: Frankonia GmbH
collaboratorsThe Black Oak, Blum Diez Planung + Architektur, Schmitt Ladenbau
program: retail (outdoor and hunting supplies), hunting school, workshop, shooting range
size: 3600m² (1400m² retail, 1000m² hunting school)
status: completed 2023
team: Jan Wind, Daniel Vedder, Nicola Gurrieri, Daria Frusinoiu, Adina Dobrota

In Rottendorf, a new building with the largest Frankonia flagship store in Germany is being built on an area of approx. 3400 m2. In close cooperation with The Black Oak, Ahochdrei developed an all-encompassing design concept from the exterior façade to the smallest detail.
In addition to the 1400 m2 sales area, which is divided into various sections, there are additional offices on the upper floor of the building complex, as well as a hunting school with lobby and one of the most modern and innovative shooting cinemas, as well as various training rooms in the basement.

Via a circular route, the customer experiences the store visit like a forest walk through the wilderness, underlined by the use of natural and sustainable materials and innovative presentation methods, the brands on display are cleverly staged.

Multimedia and interactive elements integrated into the design concept make the visit an unforgettable experience.

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