location: Berlin, Germany
client: KFO im Bergmannkiez
collaboratorsTischlerei Dieken, Studio GdB, Mosaic Factory
program: orthodontists
size: 215m²
status: completed 2023
photo credits: Maike Piorr
team: Daniel Vedder, Jan Wind, Felix Schöllhorn

By altering the spatial structure of an existing doctor’s office through precise interventions, a new work environment for a young team of orthodontists was created.

Splitting the entry hall diagonally served multiple purposes:

Hosting the reception behind a generous opening, a welcoming gesture in the entrance was introduced.

The appealing steel cladding of the dividing wall defines the atmosphere of the newly created entrance. In combination with colourful terrazzo tiles and natural wood surfaces a calm but playful atmosphere was established.

Enhancing workflow and orientation for both, clients and staff, the simple intervention was able to reorganize the spatial program of the office completely.

Additionally, a compact yet cozy waiting room and a private meeting room were created with custom made built-in furniture.

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