TYP D 1/1+

client: TYP
product: Chair
status: Completed


The first collection of upcoming Austrian furniture brand TYP is dedicated to prominent Bauhaus designer Erich Dieckmann, who was, next to Marcel Breuer, the most outstanding and prolific designer of the Weimar and Dessau School, although his fame was obscured in the years to come. For the 100-year celebration of the Bauhaus movement in 2019, Ahochdrei was commissioned to curate five selected objects from the original collections. Two of Dieckmann’s most characteristic wooden chairs have been redesigned keeping wood as the main material, while improving joint elements and the seat with a leather insert. Production is on its way and the collection is soon to be released.

TYP is a multidimensional publisher of furniture, objects, and editions. Featured products spring from a long-established archive—arising from the classics of the past and present, presented as the essentials of design future. TYP forms a democratic market with high-quality yet affordable collections. It carries designs from the past and present into the future, develops new technologies and collaborates with the most renowned designers.

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