location: Mainz, Germany
client: UDG Rhein-Main GmbH
program: Office
size: 1200  m2
status: Completed
team: Daniel Vedder, Jan Wind, Felix Schöllhorn, Nicola Gurrieri

At the core of the renovation of the Mainz office of digital tech company UDG is the concept of „new work“, first developed in the USA in the 1970s. This is based on the ideas of independence, freedom, and participation in the community, as well as in the flexibilization of working structures, places, and schedules. While the pandemic opened new horizons for working remotely, it also showed that a physically shared workplace, with its potential for collaboration and exchange through encounter and interaction, is an essential factor of a successful business.

For this project, elements and motifs from classical urban design were borrowed to organize an open space where a variety of flexible activities can take place. A workbench for quick work and exchange is the central element of a so-called market square, around which a kitchen/café, a presentation room, a conference booth, and a green corner for relaxation are distributed. Behind acoustic glass walls, users can organize their work in flexible group rooms or within equipped and stable office spaces.

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