location: Berlin
client: MF Gastro GmbH
program: Café & Barlounge
size: 98 m2
status: completed
collaborators: Unique Factory
team: Daniel Vedder, Jan Wind

Lady Hookah is the first shisha bar only for women. Located on a busy street in the multicultural district of Berlin Kreuzberg, the bar does not allow men, usually occupying such places, to enter. Thus, a special environment had to be imagined, targeting this new user group and their needs. By taking distance from the established design schemes of most shisha bars, the focus was put onto high quality materials that would address femininity and create a protective, yet sensual overall atmosphere. Natural stone, chromed brass, parquet floors, velvet upholstery and curtains create the soft and edgy design features of the three-room space and the bar. A unique place for Berliner ladies to relax while smoking shisha, drinking tea and chatting in a safe and welcoming environment.

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