location: Potsdam
client: Privat
program: Cinema
size: 85 m2
status: Completed
collaborators: Behrens-Heinlein Architekten; Unique Factory
team: Daniel Vedder, Jan Wind

photo credits: Maike Wagner

A luxury home cinema is designed in an early Gründerzeit villa by Mies van der Rohe, just outside Berlin.

The desire of the clients, active in the film industry, was to convert a former and disused coal cellar into an elegant projection room.

Hosting up to twelve seats on four descending rows, the cinema is conceived as a spatial experience itself: every surface is covered with acoustic panels in dark blue upholstery, divided by an irregular scheme of contrasting chromed brass inserts.

Floors are laid out with soft, velvety carpet in a warmer tone. Specifically designed sofas, cinema chairs and walls lamps face the silver screen and complete the space.

The materials used in the cinema are largely coming from natural and sustainable sources, such as thermo-hemp for acoustic insulation, as well as cotton and wool for the upholstery.

Historical elements, such as walls panels, are combined with more modern elements of simple grids and rounded shapes. A playful game between heritage and modernity creates a unique, timeless space.

A quiet, almost sacred atmosphere reigns over the room, where the magic happens as soon as the projection starts.

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